Friday, September 4, 2015

Trailers or Hats, Anyone?

My adorable, dreamer of a mother
Have you ever known a dreamer? Not a daydreamer…but somebody who dreams about big ideas? My mom is a dreamer. She thinks up an idea and then goes for it. Who else’s mom do you know that goes around town, spying old, broken-down trailers in somebody else’s yard so she can approach them and ask to buy it off of them; just to take it home and rip out of the floor, replace the electrical, reupholster the seat, to either turn around and sell it or enjoy it herself? I would venture to say that you know very few people like that. Well, I live with another one of them. He happens to be a 13 years old boy, who is full of dreams and tenacity. He’s extraordinarily passionate. He will do nothing unless he absolutely believes in it. Everything must have meaning, answers, explanations, and purpose. He will not accept the answer, “just because.” He also doesn’t really accept a “no” answer unless there is a pretty great reason why. So, he is absolutely obsessed right now with the idea of creating hats. What?!? Hats? Yes, he wants to recreate hats from different eras and different countries. Hats that are no longer in production. Oh, and vintage camping gear like leather backpacks (no big deal). He has spent hours and hours sketching some really beautiful things. Doesn’t this sound like a great idea? Totally realistic, right? A perfect way for a 13 year old boy to pick up some extra cash. What do you do as a parent? He thinks that he is actually capable of building hats that people would actually want to buy. He has never sewed anything in his life yet he refuses to believe that he can’t make it happen! My husband and I have listened (Rand has been much more supportive than I have). We have talked through the finances, still no easing up. So, what to do next…

Anybody know a good seamstress???


  1. I, too, live with a dreamer and I feel like such a wet towel when I don't jump on board with the logistics of the dream. At the same time I always felt like my mom was a dream killer and I resented that. I say help him pursue his dream as much as possible. I love that you allow him to dream.

  2. Oh my goodness, a grandson's after my own heart. Hats huh? Well, I have seen some pretty cool top hats made of felt, really cool ones. Tell him to get on youtube and find out how they make them. I believe they shrink the wool to the size they want it and form a hat out of it. That is really thrilling, I will definately stay in tune. hahah. That is so great!